Turd Blossom

Posted by Redmond

Because hypocrisy is apparently oxygen to Republicans, Karl Rove wrote an Op Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal chastising Barack Obama for outsourcing the war in Afghanistan. This attack is intellectually bankrupt considering Rove was a key player in the administration that brought us never-to-be-held-accountable Blackwater mercenaries gunning down innocent Iraqis as "payback" for 9/11. Naturally, Jeremy Scahill took Rove to task:

While Rove may be using the term “outsource” in a general way, let’s remember this fact: never, ever in US history have more government and military activities been outsourced to private corporations than they were the day Bush and Rove left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Obama moved in. [Emphasis mine.]

Of course, Jeremy Scahill left out one important factor: George W. Bush had God on his side. And that's where the disconnect from reality begins. There's no arguing with, or pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of, a party who 100% believes their every action is condoned by an omniscient being in the sky who loves America most. When Republicans do something, it's sanctified. When a Democrat does it, kill it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

To emphasize my point on Republicans and religion, per Scahill, Blackwater founder Erik Prince believes in fighting a holy war to completely eradicate Islam. And this is who the Bush administration awarded contracts to. In the Middle East. Smart.

Adding... Blackwater and its various subsidiaries are still being used by the Obama administration which is a disgrace to our soldiers who conduct themselves honorably within the boundaries of the law.