Karl Ruprect Rove

Karl Rove Sucks Eggs

Rove, in his (choke) Newsweek column, had some advice for Senator Obama.

In Pennsylvania, you won only 30 percent among Catholics and 29 percent among white working-class voters. Defections like this elect Republicans.

Rove sucks eggs. Another Democrat won the rest of those votes. And the people who voted for Senator Clinton will by-in-large vote for Senator Obama in November.

Even liberal commentators who adore you warn you can't win with a McGovern coalition of college students and white-wine sippers from the party's left wing.

And he gets some agitprop in there -- the "McGovern" thing. Plus, Rove entirely fails to note that Senator Obama won 90 percent of the black vote.

So you're doing badly in Scranton, Youngstown and Erie, where ordinary Americans live.

But he won Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia, Idaho, North Dakota, Kansas and Colorado. Is Rove suggesting there aren't any "ordinary Americans" there? And to that point, is Rove suggesting that only white male working class voters are "ordinary"? That's weird and racist.