Bush Legacy Project


Paul Krugman takes a look back at two Air Force One photos of President Bush: one on 9/11 looking "presidential" and another one during Katrina in which he looked clueless and disconnected. Both photos are basically the same, though in the 9/11 photo he's holding a telephone.

Krugman references a new Vanity Fair piece in which Bush advisers suggest that Katrina destroyed the administration.

While it's true that Katrina body-slammed the establishment media out of its drowsy stupor, I think the administration was doomed by multiple Katrina-like blunders and scandals, including Abu Ghraib, no WMD, Mission Accomplished, FISA, Plamegate, various Republican corruption scandals -- even Cheney shooting his buddy in the face.

Katrina, however, provided two pieces of photographic evidence which permanently stripped away any remaining post-9/11 facade of Bush competence and leadership. The Air Force One window photo was one, and I believe tthis was the other.