Election 2012

Keep Going Republicans!

Newt Gingrich's deployment of the Southern Strategy to win the hearts and minds of South Carolina's finest seems to be working, with polls unanimously showing Gingrich with a commanding lead over Mitt Romney one day away from the primary, however it isn't doing the Republican party any favors at the national level.

(via TPM)

While Newt's popularity skyrockets and Mitt Romney's stock plummets among the Lunatic Base in the wake of calling on black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps, and putting Juan Williams "in his place," his national disapproval rating has surged to nearly 60 percent.

Newt Gingrich could very well win the South Carolina primary tomorrow and continue on to challenge the more "safe" and "electable" Mitt Romney in other southern states. This has sent the entire Republican party into a frenzy while the Anyone-But-Romney Coalition clashes with the Republican establishment. Because every day Gingrich remains in the race and is seen as a national figurehead, he tarnishes the Republican brand.

Or as we say around here -- Keep going Republicans! You're doing great!