Keep Going Republicans!

A new Pew Research Center poll released today shows President Obama with an unprecedented lead over the Republican candidates among female voters.

In the Pew Research Center’s most recent national survey, conducted March 7-11, Obama led Mitt Romney by 20 points (58% to 38%) among women voters. It marked the second consecutive month that Obama held such a wide advantage over Romney among women (59% to 38% in February). In both February and March, Obama ran about even with Romney among men.

In the March survey, Obama’s overall lead over Rick Santorum was 18 points. Fully 61% of women voters said they would favor Obama in a matchup with Santorum, compared with just 35% who backed the former Pennsylvania senator. [...]

In the March survey, Obama led Romney by 31 points among women younger than 50 (64% to 33%), and had a sizable advantage among women 50 to 64 (58% to 36%). But Romney ran about even with Obama among women 65 and older (48% Obama, 49% Romney).

You're telling me the War on Women, the battle to ban birth control, Rush Limbaugh demanding sex-tapes, and nonstop abortion legislation isn't helping its proponents? I'm shocked.

Meanwhile, if the election were held today, Latino voters would favor President Obama over Mitt Romney 70% to 14%