Keepin’ it Classy in New Hampshire

Former Senator Scott Brown visited a tailgate party at the University of New Hampshire over the weekend and surrounded himself with fratbros. What happened next probably won’t surprise you.

Before breaking into a “Scott Brown” chant, a couple guys in the crowd had other things to say.

Almost immediately at the 8 second mark of the video, a couple guys yell “fuck her right in the pussy” in reference to Brown’s opponent Jeanne Shaheen. And if that left any doubt in your mind, they get more specific at around the 40 second mark.

Around 40 seconds in, a couple bros start yelling “Elizabeth Warren sucks” and “Jeanne Shaheen sucks” followed by “fuck Elizabeth Warren.”

That’s when the Scott Brown chant breaks out, but at the 1:10 minute mark one of the same bros yells “Jeanne Shaheen, what a cunt!”

Scott Brown does not have a history of surrounding himself with classy people and this is reminiscent of the time his campaign staffers made tomahawk chops and whooping sounds during his campaign against Elizabeth Warren.