Unions Wingnuts

Keepin’ it Classy

Hot off the heels of word that FreedomWorks produced a fake panda on Hillary sex tape, the think tank’s Arizona state director apparently hatched a plan yesterday to distribute Valentine’s day cards featuring dictators who opposed anti-union legislation.

This morning, Stephen Viramontes, the state director of FreedomWorks in Arizona in 2012, wrote on his Twitter page that he would “be down at the Capitol shortly to give a few legislators some (Valentine’s Day) cards.” The post included a photo of a card that featured a drawing of Hitler along with the words “Be Mein.” [...]

The other cards in the set Viramontes indicated he planned to distribute featured dictators Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. Two other political philosophers, Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky, were also featured on cards.

Because if you support unions, you’re just like Pol Pot!

According to Viramontes himself, there was more to this stunt than his own personal, uninformed amusement.

Viramontes said FreedomWorks is considering a large-scale grassroots effort in Arizona to pass legislation designed to limit the ability of public employee unions to collect money from their members for use in political efforts.

Under different circumstances I may be more concerned about an astroturf grassroots movement aimed at curtailing the political influence of unions, but knowing that the disjointed frathouse known as FreedomWorks is masterminding it provides me some comfort.