Democratic Party

Keeping Score

Because of the tight margin, Senators Clinton and Obama received the same number of delegates last night.

Clinton 9
Obama 9
Edwards 4
(h/t Oliver Willis)

UPDATE: Just to be clear, in the Democratic Party there are what's called "superdelegates" who aren't bound to the primary voting results. At this point, according to a CNN survey of nationwide superdelegates, Senator Clinton leads 183 to 78 in total delegates including superdelegates -- but Senator Obama leads in actual delegates with 25 over Senator Clinton's 24.

Here's the crazy thing... According to the CNN superdelegate survey count, combined with the actual delegates, Senator Obama WON New Hampshire, 12 delegates to Senator Clinton's 11. But the superdelegates could change their mind at any point. So we call it a tie in New Hampshire, 9 to 9.

Of course none of this matters because one of them will drop out of the race before the convention -- which is usually how it happens, giving the presumptive nominee the full convention support of the party. The American electoral system RULES.