Democratic Party

Kentucky Is Redneck For "Whitey"

The New Yorker:

“I really don’t want an African-American as President. Race.”

What about race?

“I thought about it. I think he would put too many minorities in positions over the white race. That’s my opinion. After 1964, you saw what the South did.” He meant that it went Republican. “Now what caused that? Race. There’s a lot of white people that just wouldn’t vote for a colored person. Especially older people. They know what happened in the sixties. Under thirty—they don’t remember. I do. I was here.”

The guy who said this is a Democrat. Think about this thing. Kentucky Democrats would rather vote for more wars and a shitty economy, rather than to vote for a fellow Democrat -- who happens to be black. That's remarkable to me. Not surprising, necessarily. But definitely educational.

(h/t TPM)