Kerry wimps out

John Kerry is a big disappointment. He has sent out a letter to all his supporters in which he 1) asks them to hound Congressional leaders to get "election reform," and then 2) says he won't be joining Rep. John Conyers to contest the Ohio electors.

"Election reform" isn't going to happen even IF a bunch of Kerry supporters call the Republican heads of Congress.

But if John Kerry were to contest the Ohio electors, you can be damn sure the story that the mainstream media wishes would just go away would do nothing of the sort. The thievery that mars our electoral process would be forced onto the front pages.

What's Kerry afraid of? That he's going to be called names by Rush and O'Reilly? Jesus, the challenger in the Ukraine was POISONED and he didn't stop fighting for a transparent and fair democratic process.

Don't waste your time or your dime calling Hastert and Frist. Instead, call Kerry and tell him to do the job he was elected to do.