Kill an Unarmed Black Man, Go On Vacation in the Bahamas

Written by SK Ashby

Robert Bates, the 73-year-old pay for play reserve deputy who shot and killed Eric Harris, who was unarmed and pinned to the ground, has been granted permission by a judge to resume his regular schedule and travel to the Bahamas for vacation.

A lawyer for the Harris family, Dan Smolen, said he was not surprised that Bates had pleaded not guilty — but he was surprised about the vacation.

"Whether intended or not, Mr. Bates' vacationing in the Bahamas at this time sends a message of apathy with respect to the shooting and Eric's life," he said. "At a time when we are still mourning the death of a loved one that he shot down in the street, Mr. Bates will be relaxing and enjoying his wealth and privilege."

Nothing says 'your life doesn't mean shit' quite like this.