Animal Rights

Kill, Kill, Kill

We're a greedy, destructive and deadly species, and this story is a good example of why and how.

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Sheriff's deputies shot nearly 50 wild animals – including 18 rare Bengal tigers and 17 lions – in a big-game hunt across the state's countryside Wednesday after the owner of an exotic-animal park threw their cages open and committed suicide in what may have been one last act of spite against his neighbors and police.

First, none of these animals should have been kept in captivity in the first place. Second, why couldn't they have captured the animals using tranquilizer darts or whatever other nonlethal techniques commonly employed to subdue wild animals, and then transported them to any number of rescues/refuges or zoos elsewhere?

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but we have such a shitpile of bad karma headed our way. One of these days, nature is going to crash down on our overdeveloped skulls and not even blink as it steps over our bloated carcasses.