Voter Suppression

Kris Kobach Loses Again, Gets Sanctioned

Written by SK Ashby

Following through on a temporary order to block Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's policy requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote in Kansas, U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson has now permanently blocked the program.

In her ruling, Judge Robinson declared the policy unconstitutional and said it violates the National Voter Registration Act. The judge also ordered Kobach to attend legal education classes because he's such an incompetent slob.

Her 100-plus page opinion also knocked Kobach, who defended the law himself in court, for his “history of non-compliance with this Court’s orders,” and imposed “sanctions responsive to Defendant’s repeated and flagrant violations of discovery and disclosure rules.” She ordered he take six hours of legal ed classes. [...]

She said that Kobach showed “a pattern and practice” of “flaunting disclosure and discovery rules that are designed to prevent prejudice and surprise at trial,” prompting her to impose sanctions on him — specifically six hours of legal education, beyond those required by his law license, focusing on trial procedure.

I would posit that Kobach actually knows the rules and procedures, he's just an arrogant asshole who thought he could pull a fast one in court.

On the other hand, you may recall that Kobach tried to appeal sanctions against him but the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals threw his lawsuit out because Judge Robinson had not actually sanctioned him yet. That could be evidence that he is actually a moron. In any case, now that the judge has sanctioned him, I assume he'll file another appeal.