Kushner Has Another New Job To Fail

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

The Washington Post just reported yesterday that Jared Kushner's shadow task force has been managed with incompetence because Kushner appointed people with no relevant experience to key positions, but don't worry; Jared has just been given another job to fail.

Trump regime sources who spoke to the Daily Beast say Trump has placed Kushner in charge of speeding up development of a coronavirus vaccine.

Kushner is reportedly working alongside Ron Vara Peter Navarro in this effort.

President Donald Trump, who has said he believes a COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the end of the year, is turning to his son-in-law to help streamline the effort, branded, “Operation Warp Speed.” Kushner is working alongside White House senior adviser Peter Navarro, who pitched the operation via memo to the president’s coronavirus task force as early as this February.

The hope inside the White House is that Kushner will be able to use his relationships in the private sector to speed up the normally lengthy development process, two sources familiar with Kushner’s involvement say.

This is corporate boardroom nincompoopery; as if making a few calls to CEOs who probably can't stand Kushner will somehow speed up the science.

The most likely result of this effort is not that we'll see the development of a safe and effective vaccine as quickly as possible. It's more likely that Kushner's involvement will lead to favoritism or cronyism in development; more likely that ethical standards will be violated and public health compromised in the name of speed.

There's little doubt in my mind that an effective vaccine will be deployed in other countries ahead of the United States where a profit motive still occupies the brains of corrupt men even in the middle of a global pandemic. Development abroad is being treated as an endeavor critical to public health and institutional future. In the States it's seen more as a tool for restarting the capitalist treadmill. That's why you assign Jared Kushner to be a pretend chairman.