Stupid Party Super Stupid

LA. Senate Candidate Will Run Over Obamacare With His Truck, Or Something

Tea Party senate candidate Rob Maness (R-LA) has released an unintentionally hilarious campaign ad promising to run over Obamacare with his motorized penis extension.

There’s also something about his truck being covered in mud that isn’t quite as funny.

After driving to all of Louisiana’s 64 perishes, my truck reminds me of our country under Obama: running on empty, needs a tune-up and a good wash.

Washington politicians can’t fix our problems or our trucks. Thanks to them we’ve got crushing deficits, porous borders, and Obamacare.

As Louisiana Senator, I’ll always put Louisiana over Washington and I’ll make Obamacare roadkill. I’m retired Colonel Rob Maness and I approve this message.


Of course there’s just a few problems here, such as the deficit being at it’s lowest point since 2007, the border being more secure than ever, and — he doesn’t actually say what the problem with Obamacare is, just that he’ll run over it.

And then there’s him saying his truck covered in brown mud reminds him of life under Obama; mud that he washes off with a hose to reveal a pristine, white truck.

I don’t know how much to read into that, but that’s what I see.