Lance Armstrong Stripped of All Cycling Victories

Whatever you might think of Armstrong and whether he used drugs, this persecution by the USADA is a gross injustice.

So who officially "won" those races now?

Jan Ullrich gets three of those Tour de France titles. Yes, Jan Ullrich who was booted out of cycling for doping. Ivan Basso gets the 2005 Tour victory. Basso was suspended in 2006 for doping. Guess who gets Armstrong's 2002 Criterium du Dauphine victory? Floyd Landis, who was stripped of the 2006 Tour victory for doping and has since famously admitted to doping for much of the early 2000s.

There are more, but you get the idea.

To repeat, if the USADA is going to prosecute and re-litigate one athlete's results from five, ten or 15 years ago, even though he's already been exonerated by negative doping tests and multiple other investigations, and if they're going to use these shoddy investigative methods, they need to do it to every American athlete irrespective of the sport. Otherwise it's nothing more that a witch hunt against one man. That's not justice.

(h/t The Law Office of Maria Aspiazu)