Elections Open Thread Torture



Artist – Tim Eagan

In other news, Jeb Bush apparently has a financial problem that Bloomberg is referring to as a “Mitt Romney problem.”

After reading this, I’d say that’s a perfect description.

Documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Nov. 27 list Bush as chairman and manager of a new offshore private equity fund, BH Global Aviation, which raised $61 million in September, largely from foreign ­investors. In November the fund ­incorporated in the United Kingdom and Wales­—a ­structure, several independent finance lawyers say, that operates like a tax haven by allowing overseas investors to avoid U.S. taxes and regulations.

Meanwhile, as of this writing Congress still hasn’t passed a continuing resolution and the federal government will shut down tonight if they don’t.

Programming note… I’ll be offline tomorrow for a family function. I’ll resume making bad jokes on Monday.