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Larry Klayman Files Petition to Deport the President


Anti-NSA complainant and leader of the failed movement to overthrow the government Larry Klayman has filed a petition with the Department of Homeland Security, asking the department to deport President Obama.

You can read the petition here if you care to, but the gist is Klayman claims to have evidence that proves President Obama is not an American citizen and he’s asking Immigration Services to immediately deport him.

What evidence does Klayman have? I will admit that I didn’t read every single word of this petition as it is filled with nonsense and one only has one life to live, but as far as I can tell his evidence consists of a book written by Jerome Corsi and the results of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “posse” investigation. Klayman even refers to the “cold case posse” on the 9th page of the petition before going on a lengthy spiel about the allegedly fraudulent long-form birth certificate released by the White House.


If you find yourself on the same side as Larry Klayman on any subject, including the NSA, that should be taken as an indication that you may be wrong.