Larry Klayman is Just Suing Everyone Now

Conspiracy theorist, licensed lunatic lawyer, and leader of the failed movement to overthrow the government Larry Klayman has filed a number of lawsuits against the Obama administration, but now he has filed one against members of Congress including Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Klayman has previously filed lawsuits on issues ranging from the NSA to the president's birth certificate and now he's challenging the Iran peace treaty for reasons.

The lawsuit, Klayman says, aims to block both the treaty and the “unconstitutional” law that Congress passed to guarantee a review of the multinational nuclear accord.

The White House and Congress “gave away, abrogated and undermined [Klayman’s] constitutional rights, putting him in danger, including the protections inherent in the Constitution requiring a two-thirds vote to ratify a treaty,” he said in the lawsuit.

The president was not actually required to support and sign the review bill passed by Congress because presidents have the power to declare treaties official, but he signed the bill anyway. Congress still has an opportunity to overrule the president's decision because of that bill, but there is an infinitesimal chance of that happening as it will require a 2/3rds majority of both chambers.

As for the idea that this has somehow put Klayman's life at risk, I think he may have a hard time proving that. Furthermore, I am unaware of any law that Klayman could cite to halt the treaty before it has even been signed or implemented. There's no legal injury to base a claim on, at least not yet.

For now, we can marvel at the arrogance of this con-man, Larry Klayman, attempting to disrupt the international peace process.