Larry Klayman’s Lawsuit Against the Clintons Thrown Out for a Lack of Facts

Birther, anti-NSA complainant, and leader of the failed movement to overthrow the government Larry Klayman has had another one of his lawsuits thrown out of court because it doesn't actually contain any facts.

That is the verdict from the United States District Court of Florida where Klayman alleged Hillary Clinton exchanged favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation, a public health charity, in violation of RICO law.

Klayman’s court filings do “not allege any facts” to support his claim that he has been hurt by the Clintons’ alleged scheme, Judge Donald Middlebrooks wrote.

“Critically, [Klayman] fails to allege how [Clinton’s] mail or wire fraud, which allegedly involved obtaining money from others, directly injured [him].” Middlebrooks added. “Therefore, the relationship between [Clinton’s] mail or wire fraud and [Klayman’s] alleged compromised ability to earn a living is too remote” to meet the legal test.

Klayman quickly blamed the dismissal on the fact that former President Bill Clinton nominated Middlebrooks to the bench.

Of course.

Klayman was not able to prove that he has been personally injured by the Clinton scheme or that the scheme even existed. Because of this, Judge Middelbrook ruled that Klayman has no standing to sue the Clintons.

Klayman's lawsuit appears to have be focused exclusively on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but former President Bill Clinton was also named as a defendant.

Klayman alleged proof of his allegations is contained on the Clinton's private email server where we can only assume it's hidden away alongside proof that Benghazi was an inside job, that the moon-landing was shot on a soundstage, and that Bigfoot exists and votes Democratic.

If that were truly the case I can't imagine why the Clintons would agree to turn over the server to the Department of Justice.