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Larry Klayman’s Latest Brain Droppings


Anti-NSA complainant and leader of the failed movement to overthrow the government Larry Klayman has taken to the pages of WorldNutDaily to warn us that President Obama has intentionally “opened the door” for viral suicide bombers because he’s The Real Racist.

via RightWingWatch

“Obama has opened the door for Muslim terrorists to infect themselves with this deadly virus, illegally enter our country and spread the disease widely.” [...]

Klayman argues that Obama had declined to enact a ban on travelers coming from West Africa not because medical and disease experts have advised against such a move, but because the president is “a reverse racist whose actions, not just with regard to Ebola but across the board, are skewed toward feathering the nest of ‘his’ people, and calculated to harm the rest of us if not destroy the entire country.”

“His people” in this case is quite obviously implied to mean Africans or black people, and apparently the fact that the president has not enacted a travel ban (which experts say are ineffective) is evidence that he is a reverse racist who wants to infect white people.

The president is such a reverse-racist, Klayman says, that he’s easily just as racist as former Alabama Governor George Wallace. Because something something Ebola travel ban.

It’s easy to mock Larry Klayman, but the truth is he’s been scooped by a sitting congressman. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson said on Thursday of last week that it’s a “real and present danger” than ISIS may intentionally infect themselves with Ebola and then travel here.