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Larry Pratt Said Black Protesters Should be Shot, Among Other Insanities. Does Ted Cruz Agree?

Larry Pratt's Gun Owners of America will host Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on May 27th.

From Media Matters:

According to an e-mail sent to GOA supporters, Cruz will speak at a "Tele-Town Hall" meeting on May 27. GOA "is surveying and interviewing all of the candidates," but Cruz is the first to agree to address the group. [...]

Cruz, who has received campaign contributions from GOA, previously praised the group as "strong defenders of the Second Amendment."

As you may recall, Pratt said during an interview last week that the citizens of Baltimore and other cities across the country should take it upon themselves to shoot protesters dead so the police don't have to.

Among many other insane things, Pratt also believes President Obama is recruiting a secret army of immigrants and that immigrants will take your guns away by voting for Democrats.

Pratt is also a Sandy Hook truther who believes the massacre of 1st graders was a false flag perpetrated by the government. And, as you might have guessed, he also believes the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting was a false flag.

There are any number of unhinged positions you could ask presidential candidate Ted Cruz if he agrees with them. And he should be asked.