Democratic Party


Lawrence O'Donnell is having a really, really bad day:

A loser like Edwards has no status or dignity to lose. Campaigning and losing is his life. So, he will continue his simple-minded, losing campaign...

I don't know who pooped in O'Donnell's hot cocoa this morning but, at this point, John Edwards should absolutely continue to run. He'd be insane not to. If Senators Clinton and Obama end up fracturing the party (as I've personally witnessed in the comments over here), Edwards, who is only a few points behind, could be there to pick up the pieces. Let's face it, even though he's only recently become a true progressive, his progressivism is influencing the debate in a substantive and important way.

AND no matter how ugly the three-way Obama/Edwards/Clinton debate might become in the next month or so, it'll never be as scattered and silly as the freak show on the other side.

Meanwhile, I hope Lawrence brought his protective cup to work today.