Leave the Bankers Alone

It’s hard out here for a banker.

While dealing with one or two federal regulators was a tolerable nuisance, dealing with five of them is downright un-American according to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

via ThinkProgress

“Banks are under assault,” JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon told reporters on a conference call Wednesday, explaining that his company now faces too much oversight. “In the old days, you dealt with one regulator when you had an issue, maybe two,” he added. “Now it’s five or six. It makes it very difficult and very complicated.”

“You all should ask the question about how American that is.

Why can’t a filthy rich man be filthy rich in peace? Why must he tolerate interacting with five or six agencies whose job is to ensure that Dimon and his colleagues do not crash the economy again? Is this the America your ancestors fought and died for?

Does Dimon even personally interact with regulators?