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Leno Not A Dick, Pays Staff

Two days ago, I was really nasty to Jay Leno here. I called him a dick, an unfunny douche, and I called his motorcycle collection an unfunny douche as well. What's worse is that I bungled the math in a point I was trying to make.

So as it turns out, Leno has decided to pay his staff after all, thus negating my outrage.

This just in: Jay Leno will now indeed pay "Tonight Show" staffers their salaries through at least next week.

According to a source close to the show, Leno plans to extend the pay (to around 100 staffers) on a week-by-week basis, with the hope that a strike will be settled soon.


Insiders say Leno was caught off guard by the heavy dose of criticism..

So, um, yeah. Anyway. That's cool of him. Paying his staff after all.

Go Jay.