LePage Demands Nurse Kaci Hickox, Who Already Tested Negative, Take Another Test


As we’ve been over several times, the nurse temporarily imprisoned by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tested negative for the Ebola virus and has displayed no symptoms.

Maine Governor Paul LePage said yesterday that he would ask the court for the authority to quarantine Hickox against her will. And while he did take his case to the court, he didn’t do so in those exact terms.

Maine’s governor indicated today that he would abandon his demand that nurse Kaci Hickox remain under quarantine after treating Ebola patients if she would agree to take a blood test for the lethal virus. [...]

Attorneys for the state of Maine went to Superior Court seeking a judge’s permission to give Hickox a blood test for Ebola, LePage said.

“This could be resolved today,” the governor said. “She has been exposed and she’s not cooperative, so force her to take a test. It’s so simple.

Either Paul LePage is unaware that Hickox has already tested negative for the virus at least once, or they’re doing this for political reasons.

LePage told ABC News that Hickox has locals “scared to death” and instead of telling locals that they have nothing to worry about, LePage is subjecting Hickox to a witch hunt to assuage their fears.

Paul LePage is a cowering, bumbling fool.

Can you imagine the conservative reaction if Democratic governors subjected a private citizen to this kind of harassment? There would be goddamn congressional hearing about it.

Medical privacy goes right out the fucking window the moment conservatives feel they are in danger, physically or politically.