LePage Gets His Way, Court Orders Quarantine of Nurse Who Tested Negative for Ebola [Updated]

From the Associated Press

A judge granted the order Thursday limiting Hickox’s travel, banning her from public places and requiring a 3-foot buffer until there’s a further decision Friday. [...]

Police were under orders to monitor her movements after she twice let home, once to talk to reporters Wednesday and again for a bike ride with her boyfriend on Thursday.

Hickox, who has displayed no symptoms and tested negative for the Ebola virus, is being subjected to a social and legal witch hunt the likes of which I haven’t seen since the Bush administration started naming “persons of interest.”

It is my sincerest hope that Hickox has the best legal representation available and that she sues the pants off the state of New Jersey and the state of Maine.

Just look at this goddamn media circus outside Hickox’s home in rural Maine via local Fox affiliate WFVX.


Update... a state judge has reversed Thursday's ruling and allowed nurse Kaci Hickox to travel as she pleases.