Trump Regime

Let Them Fight

Written by SK Ashby

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently took over Trump's legal campaign against the results of the presidential election, but ABC news reports that it was not a peaceful transition of power. It was more like a coup according sources within the Trump campaign.

Fitting, isn't it?

Giuliani and his fellow batshit crazy legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, have reportedly seized control of what remains of the Trump campaign and usurped Trump's actual campaign manager.

Giuliani’s team has taken over office space in the Trump campaign’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters and Ellis, who White House aides have previously expressed concern about, began telling Trump campaign staffers they now report to her.

Ellis told the remaining campaign staff that they should only follow orders from people named "Rudy or Jenna" and to ignore any other directives from campaign leadership, sources familiar with the episode said.

The directive sparked outrage from senior campaign aides including Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller, sources said.

What I said yesterday about everyone within Trumpworld grifting each other from one moment to the next clearly applies here.

Do Giuliani and Ellis actually believe they can overturn the results of the election? Maybe. Maybe not. In either case, taking control of the campaign ensures they will get paid as they continue to raise money from Trump's supporters by lying to them; by telling them Trump can still win.

As much as Trump himself does not want to be left without a chair when the music stops, neither does anyone around him. They've all staked out positions within the grifting ecosystem that surrounds Trump and they're all headed for the gutter to sling reverse mortgages on the MAGA Network when this is over. These people don't have real jobs or careers or even much of a personal life. They don't have genuine friends. Their entire life is chasing the next grift within a cult of personality.

If it wasn't clear, I have the lowest opinion one can possibly have of these creatures. You might find more humanity in an actual dictatorship.