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Let’s Hear it for “Older White Guys”

Virtually every day in America is “older white guy appreciation day,” but let’s let Tucker Carlson cook.

Responding to talk that young Republicans have made contributions to GOP campaigns, Carlson beamed that old white guys have done a lot for the party, too. Won’t someone think of the older white guys?

At 1:18

I think we need an older white guy appreciation day. They’ve done a lot for this country. [...]

I want to do that. Draft me and I’ll host it.

As Tucker’s co-host pointed out, because that’s how he derps, a white guy invented the light bulb, too.

On a slightly more serious note, I would say that undue credit is being given to the College Republicans organization because the only thing of note that they have contributed to this election cycle are some of the most cringe-worthy campaign ads we’ve ever seen.

Say Yes to the Dress Candidate was an embarrassment.

College Republicans are just as funny as their conservative parents. They’re just as funny as Tucker Carlson, which is to say not at all.