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Letter to Mullah Dobson

Promoted from the comments section, written by JoAnn Krieger:

Here's the letter I sent to The Dr. Dobson:

My son, Joshua, was on Ribbits for the first time yesterday.I logged him myself and even bookmarked it even thinking that we'd continue to go back to it often. I went to make lunch, and shortly therefter he came running up to me.

He seemed upset and confused and he asked me to go with him to the computer.

"Why dear, what's the matter?" I quized. I couldn't imagine what would have put him in such a dither.

"The purple frog on Ribbits has a stick pee pee," he practically shouted. What could he possibly be talking about, I wondered?

So we went the monitor and he put his little finger on the "stick". I gasped... There, sure enough... that huge purple frog had an... er**tion.

I could not believe what I saw. What could I say to him, I thought? He's only 4 years old... a child. I could not, would not, explain to him what were both looking at. He's just not ready for this information.

I immediately suggested that we turn off the computer and that he "read" his Noah's ark book instead. When my husband came back from the hardware store, we went into the office and closed (and locked) the door, so the Joshua couldn't come in.

Together we stood there in complete shock. But getting to the point here, who in your computer art department would do such a thing? Please, either pull that page or change the picture of that purple frog. My son continues to press me on going back to the site again. I won't even sign him on for fear that he'll want me to go back to your site again. (Curiosity, you know?)

What could your people be thinking? I'll monitor it (the site) daily (alone) during the next few weeks to be sure that it's "cleaned up". Otherwise, I'll just take it off the bookmark totally.

Perfection. Thanks, JoAnn.