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Liberal Media Bias: Reince Priebus Doomsday Edition

The prospect of CNN and NBC proper (not NBC News) producing Hillary Clinton biopics is apparently so terrifying Reince Priebus is issuing ultimatums for the 2016 debate cycle three years ahead of time.

In letters to the chairman of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt, and CNN President Jeff Zucker, Priebus slammed the networks’ “thinly-veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the 2016 presidential election” as unfair to other potential candidates from both parties.

NBC announced last month it was planning a miniseries starring Diane Lane that would follow Clinton’s trajectory beginning in 1998, the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The series was to air before Clinton could launch a hypothetical White House run. Days later CNN also announced it would produce a documentary to be released in 2014, according to the New York Times.

Reince has declared that if CNN and NBC do not cancel their productions, Republicans will not agree to presidential debates on their networks. Because although the two networks haven’t even begun filming yet, Reince is convinced they will be a love letter to Hillary.

You mean we won’t get to watch Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, and Paul Ryan make asses of themselves in front of Anderson Cooper?

What’s most amusing is that many people probably had no idea that CNN and NBC were producing these films before Mister Priebus threatened them. It’s also probable that many people who weren’t planning to watch either film will now plan to do so because Reince Priebus doesn’t want them to see it.

CNN and NBC should send Priebus a nice fruit basket or something to thank him for the free promotion.


Just in case it wasn’t clear, Hillary Clinton has not even publicly addressed whether she will run or not, but the idea of it apparently scares the shit out of the RNC.