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Liberals On The Comeback, Republicans In Hiding

New Gallup polling indicates that being called a “Liberal” has never been more fashionable.

Ideological Self-Identification, Annual Averages, 1992-2013

While there appears to be a downward trend among those identifying as “Conservative,” or, “the largest ideological group in the country,” the Tea Party– home of conservatism– has never been viewed less favorably among Americans.

And just because conservatives stake claim to the meaningless title of “the largest ideological group in the country,” it’s worth pointing out that the great majority of Americans do not identify as “Conservative.”

Which leads us to Republicans, home of the unpopular Tea Party, currently experiencing an exodus of those identifying as Republican, but where are these former Republicans going?

Party Identification, Yearly Averages, 1988-2013

Notice that while those identifying as Republican continue to dip to all-time lows, those identifying as “Independent” rise to all-time highs.

“Independent” seems to be the new “Republican.”

It’s kind of interesting that as more liberals seem to be coming out of the ideological closet, Tea Party conservatives are being viewed less favorably, and Republicans now find their party brand scrambling for relevance and an identity that doesn’t turn people away in droves.

Being a “Liberal” used to be some sort of dirty word as ideological markers go. Not so much these days. Conservatives and Republicans, on the other hand, are in the process of either hunkering down at the expense of their ever-dwindling popularity, or disappearing into the political witness protection program of “Independent” identity.

Because bullies tend to run like cowards: Run, you curs, run!