Iran Stupid Party Super Stupid

Lindsey Graham is Not a Serious Person

South Carolina senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham is purportedly very concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons which is exactly why he wants to withhold funding from the agency responsible for stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Speaking to a few dozen people at a “No Nukes for Iran” town hall meeting in his home state, Graham also said Monday that he plans to block the transfer of $88 million in U.S. funds to the International Atomic Energy Agency until Congress gets access to so-called “side agreements” related to the Iranian nuclear agreement. [...]

“So, this deal is between the IAEA and Iran. It’s a secret deal between the two parties that limits inspections of their military facilities. I don’t believe it’s a deal that until I get to look at it, so that’s the problem here,” Graham said. “I betcha dollar if you looked at it, it would be a joke.”

The so-called "side deals" Lindsey Graham and other Republicans have derided are neither secret nor "side." These are bilateral agreements between the IAEA and Iran which supplement the deal agreed to by world powers.

Congress is scheduled to be briefed on the language of the agreements as soon as the IAEA can finalize it.

The IAEA will be responsible for inspecting Iran's nuclear program but it's not clear how they will do that if Lindsey Graham and other Republicans withhold funding from the agency.

Why do Republicans want Iran to have a bomb so badly? They believe the peace agreement should be abandoned and now they're threatening to withhold funding from the agency responsible for inspection.