Election 2016

Lindsey Graham Says You Shouldn’t Vote for Him. Good Idea.

Written by SK Ashby

During his appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Lindsey Graham said you shouldn't vote for him.

Defending his insistence that we redeploy combat troops to Iraq, Graham indicated that he's not the candidate for everybody.

“It’s a tough message,” Doocy said. “A lot of people are just worn out by war.”

“Well, don’t vote for me,” Graham said.

“Don't vote for me, because I’m telling you what’s coming. Barack Obama’s policies of leading from behind are going to allow another 9/11," he said.

Not voting for Graham is a great idea, but this doesn't seem like a winning message for a presidential candidate.

Aren't you suppose to at least pretend that you can represent the entire country as president?