Foreign Policy

Lindsey Graham Tries, Fails to Block Cuba Embassy

After the Obama administration announced the United States and Cuba would restore diplomatic relations, senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham (R-SC) immediately vowed that he would stop the administration from opening an embassy in Cuba.

Graham attempted to do just that yesterday, but he was unable to find enough support among his fellow Republicans.

Graham chairs the Senate subcommittee that oversees foreign aid, but he said he didn't have enough support among the panel's Republicans to endorse a House provision to block the construction unless the Castro government takes concrete steps to foster democracy.

"I don't know if the votes are there on our side, quite frankly," Graham said.

If you can't rally enough Republicans to oppose the Obama's administration diabolical plans to reestablish diplomatic ties with the socialist evil-doer regime of Cuba, you may not have the leadership skills required to be president.

That's a very low bar.

It's still possible Congress could ultimately vote against the president's agenda, but Graham was not able to do so in a subcommittee for which he is the chairman.