George W. Bush

Little George and George Takei

Little George was pushed in front of a microphone today, where he said:

"we're all saddened by today's news."

No, Bush wasn't talking about George "Mr. Sulu" Takei announcing that he's gay, though doubtless Little George is personally saddened by this fact. He'll never be able to hear Sulu say "engage" again in the same way.

No, Little George was talking about the fact that one of the most powerful men in his administration has been charged with five criminal counts.

Bush doesn't fire this man, oh no. That's what he said he would do. So he's going back on that. Par for the course.

But the point is: Bush going before the nation to express sorrow at Libby's resignation is a sign of how politically weak he has become, and how seemingly ignorant he is of said weakness. It's not a huge surprise that he would be mis-stepping, being that Big Head Karl (and it really is a big head) doubtless has his Big Head wrapped around how he can personally avoid jail time. But it's surprising that no one else is telling Little George he needs to project strength and appear like a decisive leader.

Anyone with a brain knows he's nothing of the sort, but they've been quite good at making him appear like that to the incurious. They should have had him grab his bullhorn and head over to Scooter Libby's house, sleeves rolled up past the elbows, and fire the guy.

But they didn't do that. I predict yet another poll drop into the middle 30s. But more significantly, and as further indictments are issued, I predict that the Congress can't let this administration stay open for business. Bush and Cheney are fast becoming toxic to any Republican in re-election mode for 2006 or 2008. The party is over, and they have to know it. If they want to be invited to the re-opening of governance by grown-ups, they better pick the right side now (and it's not on the right).

Memo to Dick, Little George and friends: Come clean. It feels so much better. Just ask George Takei.