Liveblogging Prime Time

Open thread for documenting the prime time cable news hackery.

6:30PM EDT
I'll get the ball rolling here... On MSNBC, David Gregory -- the network's new election coverage anchor -- just said that Senator Obama is going after Sarah Palin on her Bridge to Nowhere flip-flop, "but why is Obama going after a number two?"

'The hell?! Scatalogical "number two" jokes aside, this illustrates THE problem with cable news. The focus ought to be on Sarah Palin repeatedly lying about the Bridge... not Obama. But Senator Obama is the Democrat in this thing, so there must be something screwy and weird about what he's saying. Not the Republican. Of course not.

David Broder to Stretch: McCain is basically "an antiestablishment reformer." So how does Broder explain McCain voting with the president 90 percent of the time? Turtle!

Oh and not a single mention of Palin's Freddie/Fannie goof today.

You better be watching Rachel Maddow's show right now. If you're not, you better have a really good excuse, ya' slouch. Steve Benen was awesome -- though he looked like he chugged a cherry Slurpee before his appearance.

And she ended with a cycling story. Perfection.