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Long Term Memory Loss

Welcome back! It's time to play, Long Term Memory Loss! Okay contestants, here we go...who said,

"The President now needs to show leadership, consistently and with great clarity, from devising an exit strategy to developing favorable rules of engagement, from defining the criteria of success to detailing the timetables of operations. We have learned the hard way in this country that muddled military missions lacking clear leadership hurt our national credibility while putting our troops in harm's way."

To find out...

tom_delay.jpgThe answer we were looking for was... Tom Delay (AKA The BugMan), Majority Leader of the House. And what was the context? Why, Clinton's intervention in Bosnia, of course.Write to Mr. DeLay and remind him of his quote - and how it's even more relevant today in regards to Bush's War. Bet you won't get an answer, but it'll drive him nuts anyway!