Los Angeles 2005


I was in Los Angeles this week and wasn't surprised by the fact that the weather is as insane as we've read about. Is it weird to have lightning and thunderstorms in Los Angeles? I've never heard of that. But I'm no weather expert.

la-2005.jpgWhat I do know is that they're not supposed to have twisters there -- except in "The Day After Tomorrow". (The picture on the right was taken of the actual Los Angeles this week. Weird.) But sure enough, on Tuesday a twister touched down over the ocean just off the coast. And it wasn't the first. There were more last weekend. The LA Times:

A different tornado flattened a light pole and trees in Huntington Beach, a backed-up drain swamped eight homes in Long Beach and 7,000 homes lost power in Los Angeles because of downed lines, officials said.

So as I inched my way down the various freeways and streets, every time I saw a pompous idiot driving a Hummer I threw them a little friendly wave. With one finger.