Louie Gohmert’s Dangerous Times

Written by SK Ashby

These are "dangerous times" we live in says asparagus aficionado Louie Gohmert.

During an interview with hate radio host Greg Garrison, congressman Gohmert (R-TX) cited a series of things that aren't actually happening to explain how there may have never been a more dangerous time in American history or possibly human history.

“Look at the FCC,” he said. “I mean, the FCC had no intention of taking over the Internet. I mean, gosh, even though it was one of the most amazing developments in the history of man when it comes to entrepreneurism and just amazing, you know, free enterprise, innovation. It was awesome. But it was doing so well Obama couldn’t stand the thought of the government not taking it over. So, he says the FCC’s going to take it over, they had to scramble and redo their thinking, and then they come out with regulations saying, in essence, they would take it over. I mean, this is really a dangerous time for America.”

That darn Obama demonstrates his hatred of innovation, once again, through a series of regulations that would prohibit internet service providers from telling start-up companies and entrepreneurs that they must pay extra for equal access to bandwidth.

What will he pull out of his Six Demon Bag of job-killing next?

This would be a good time to point out that the FCC is an independent board that does not necessarily represent the views of the sitting president regardless of who that may be, but who am I kidding? No one on the right believes that. Everything is a conspiracy now.

Although the big federal government created the internet, for them to "take it over" could be concerning I suppose. The good news is the FCC is not taking it over. On the contrary, the FCC's ruling on net neutrality means no one will be able to establish monopoly control of the bits and bytes that pass through the series of tubes.

Gohmert continues:

“Then we find out this week there’s an ISIS camp three miles south of El Paso, a training center, and they’re working closely with the drug cartels. This is a dangerous time for the king of America to be allowing open borders.”

And then we found out about this other thing that isn't real.

Conservatism is a mental illness.