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Lunatic Assemblyman is Also a Fraud


Gordon Klingenschmitt, a newly-elected member of the Colorado General Assembly, is one of the most batshit men in America. He’s also a fraud according to court documents.

Klingenschmitt built a following based on the story that he was persecuted for religious reasons as a member of the Navy but, not surprisingly, he made the entire thing up.

“The Order did not limit Dr. Klingenschmitt’s right to engage in any religious practices (including presenting an opening prayer at the event or invoking the name of Jesus in his prayer). It simply prohibited Dr. Klingenschmitt from engaging in this activity while wearing his uniform at what was clearly a political event and not, as Dr. Klingenschmitt seems to suggest, a bona fide religious service,” Kaplan wrote. “Therefore, taking this infraction into consideration in deciding whether to recertify Dr. Klingenschmitt as a chaplain did not violate either his First Amendment rights or [Religious Freedom Restoration Act].”

This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, that a right wing nutjob built a career on false victimhood.