George W. Bush

Lying About Whores – A Bush Family Tradition

Some of you may remember when Neil Bush lied about those whores in Thailand.

Now his unelectable brother is doing his own whore-lying. Courtesy of BushWatch.

"[Castro] welcomes sex tourism," Bush told a room of law enforcement officials in Florida, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Here's how he bragged about the industry," Bush said. "This is his quote: 'Cuba has the cleanest and most educated prostitutes in the world.'"

As it turns out, Bush had lifted that quotation not from an actual Castro speech but rather from a 2001 essay written by then Dartmouth University undergraduate Charles Trumbull. In the essay, Trumbull did appear to quote a Castro speech about prostitution. Sadly, the student made the quotation up.

Maybe Charles Trumbull can be recruited to help tell lies about when Bush found out that his "Brain" was leaking to the media and lying to the grand jury!