Maine Governor LePage Doesn’t Care What the Attorney General Says

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills has weighed in on the issue of Governor Paul LePage withholding 70 bills which he forgot to veto within a 10-day window.

According to Mills, the state legislature is correct in its presumption that the bills are now law, but the governor's office has vowed to fight the legislature in court.

"Democrats and their hand-picked attorney general are certainly entitled to their opinions about the Constitutional process," Peter Steele, a LePage spokesman, said in a statement to TPM. "However, while Democrats choose to operate based on political expediency, the Governor believes the Maine people deserve a truly objective opinion from a higher legal authority. A question for the Law Court is now being drafted."

The state attorney general apparently is not a "higher legal authority" or at least not high enough for the governor. We can also infer that LePage does not believe the state attorney general is capable of being objective.

LePage's implication that this is a partisan affair does not ring true as Republicans in the state legislature are also pissed off at the governor for withholding bills they sponsored and supported.