Make America Hate Again

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Kevin Siers)

In other news, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has come out against the federal minimum wage. It's a states' rights issue, she says.

Meanwhile, esteemed Doctor Ben Carson initially denied having anything to do with fetal tissue, but now Carson says he obtained the tissue.

“Well first of all the claim that I’m doing fetal research, which is absolutely absurd,” Carson stated on the Heidi Harris Show last week. “I’m the surgeon, I obtained the tissue, I turn it over to the pathologist, and then they examine it, compare it with other specimens and try to get more information of where it came from.”


Finally, after being plagued by a series of sex scandals, Missouri legislators have come up with a solution: a dress code for those temptress interns.

“We need a good, modest, conservative dress code for both the males and females,” King wrote in an email to colleagues. “Removing one more distraction will help everyone keep their focus on legislative matters.”

This is the school principal telling the girl to change her clothes because the boys in class may be distracted.