Malkin vs. Meghan McCain

Malkin appears to be choosing which stand-up comics Meghan McCain is allowed to like. Doesn't Malkin know that if you choose your comedy based upon ideology, you'll only be allowed to like Larry the Cable Guy, Victoria Jackson and Dennis Miller? That's not a huge pool. Nor a particularly funny one.

But this Malkin line was revealing:

The trouble with Meghan McCain is that, like her father, she has no fixed ideological principles — conservative, liberal, or otherwise.

Fixed ideological principles. If this is the view of the broader Republican Party, they're in deeper trouble than we expected because clearly the lessons of George W. Bush, and how his "fixed" positions destroyed his presidency, his party and, almost, America, are having no impact whatsoever on how they move forward.

But again, Malkin said this in reference to McCain's taste in stand-up comics! I mean, if we want to talk about ideological inconsistency, Malkin has been pushing this "Going Galt" movement based upon the writings of an atheist pro-choice author (Rand), and another movement based upon a protest against a corporate tax cut. Consistent!

Keep going, wingnuts! You're doing great!