Gun Fetishists

March of the Micro-Phallus Sufferers

via ThinkProgress


A group of gun activists armed with AR-15s and handguns held a rally at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse in Indiana on Saturday to thank Congress for voting down gun safety measures, including a proposal to expand background checks for guns sales.

This penis-extension rally (“Micro-Phallus Sufferers” is copyright @ Bob) was reportedly organized by Indiana Moms Against Gun Control, which is amusing considering that men clearly outnumbered women at this event, and the women who did show up, some whom brought their toddlers to accompany the loaded assault rifles, clearly aren’t model citizens.

Teaching children that rifles should be considered symbols of political affiliation could have very dangerous consequences, as could teaching them that nonchalantly slinging them over your shoulder is your idea of a good time.

Belligerence is not a virtue.