Democratic Party

Markos Makes With The Polls

Daily Kos straw polls...

Whether or not you are really voting in the February 5 primaries, how WOULD you vote if you could (even if you have already voted in one of the six states that have held a caucus or primary)?

Barack Obama 64% 5728 votes
Hillary Clinton 12% 1035 votes
Mike Gravel 0% 44 votes
John Edwards 16% 1446 votes

Who is currently your favorite 2008 candidate?

Hillary Clinton 12% 2198 votes
Barack Obama 77% 14326 votes
Other 5% 992 votes
No freakin' Clue 6% 1151 votes

(h/t to John Plummer who suggested I post these. I promptly kicked him in the throat for telling me what to do with my blog.)