Senator Barack Obama

Markos On The National Obama Ad

In my new Huffington item, I rip the Clintons for campaigning in Florida and, naturally, the pro-Clinton commenters have been retaliating by noting some such Obama national TV ad buy which apparently ran in Florida. As if on cue, Markos, who must be getting similar comments from pro-Clinton people, responds to the counterpoint:

It's a bit pathetic seeing Hillary Clinton's campaign desperately trying to attach significance to her Florida "victory", and she's pinned those efforts on the claim that Obama broke a pledge to campaign in the state by running a national ad that just so happened run in Florida, given that the state is part of our nation.

So are Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, and the ad ran in those four states despite the fact that they've already had their primaries and caucuses. When you run a national ad, the whole point is that it runs from coast to coast and everywhere in between. You can't take out states, otherwise it's no longer national.

Right on. Meanwhile, Huffington Post's founding editor Roy Sekoff was on Abrams last night and noted that the margin of victory* for Senator Clinton was entirely due to early voting from several months ago -- prior to the Obama momentum of January. Senator Obama won* among voters who cast their ballot in the last four weeks.