Civil liberties

Marriage banned at Connecticut church

Rev. Michael F. Ray photo by Douglas HealeySlowly, supporters of civil liberties in the religious community are beginning a counter-revolution in the name of freedom for all Americans.

First, Sister Joan Chittister appeared on "Now with Bill Moyers" to throw down the civil liberties gauntlet and to debunk the "moral values mandate", and now Rev. Michael F. Ray of St. Thomas's Episcopal Church in New Haven, Connecticut is refusing to administer weddings to everyone. That is until the Episcopal Church lifts its ban on gay marriage.

It's a small but powerful protest. The New York Times:

The church has adopted the new policy even though no gay couples have asked to be married there.

Only about five heterosexual couples a year seek to be married at St. Thomas's. The Rev. Michael F. Ray, the church's priest, said he would refer those couples to one of a dozen other Episcopal churches in the area. He also said he would ask the couples "to postpone their marriage and stand in solidarity with same-sex couples so they understand what it's like not to have that privilege."

Sounds like a great idea -- not just for members of St. Thomas's, but for all straight couples. Add that to the idea of proposing constitutional amendments banning divorce and adultery. See how quickly anti-gay wingnuts like Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Bill Bennett, and Bob Barr begin to -- what's the word -- flip-flop on their moral obligation to uphold the "sanctity of marriage".