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McClellan: it was an isolated felony

Scott McClellan fired off some great lines this afternoon. The AP:

The White House said Monday that the case of the Education Department paying a conservative commentator to plug its policies was an isolated incident...

Next time you're pulled over for speeding, use the "isolated incident" line. In either case: total bullshit. I wonder how many black people Bush executed in Texas for committing "isolated" murders?

"Questions have been raised about that arrangement, it ought to be looked into, and there are ways to look into matters of that nature," McClellan said.

We will, thank you.

McClellan said the news media "ought to be reporting in an objective, unbiased and fair manner."

When Bush hugged Rush Limbaugh (who is a thrice divorced, yet "moral" alleged drug user/dealer) at the December 16 holiday party, did Bush mention the "objective, unbiased, and fair manner" thing to Limbaugh? Has he whispered this sweet nothing into Hannity's boyish ear?

McClellan said he knew of no other contract in the administration like the one Williams had. He also hinted that Williams shared the blame.

So how can he know it's an "isolated incident" if he's not really sure? Because it's the Bush White House, that's why.